Circus Arts Residencies and circus camps transform your school gym or community centre into the Big Top and your students into circus performers. Sand offers wildly popular interactive hands-on circus arts workshops for Kindergarten to Grade 12 in French, English or both. You can customize your circus program with workshop, performance and stagecraft elements to suit your educational or recreational needs. Challenge your students to new learning and performing heights. Physical Education, Performing Arts and Circus Magic all combine in one package with astounding results.

Customized Your Circus Curriculum:

  • Choose workshop content for up to five classes a day
  • Explore up to eight different circus disciplines
  • Create Student Performances
  • Learn to Build Circus Props and Equipment
  • Book a One Woman Circus Show
  • Develop Solo Routines for Public Performance
  • Get accessible, adaptable activities for all ages and abilities

Educational Objectives:

To empower students to meet new physical challenges successfully and confidently; to broaden students’ understanding of Circus Arts and develop their performance abilities; to create an exciting, safe and cooperative learning atmosphere that meets your school or community centre objectives.

Bio for Sand Northrup, One Woman Circus

Veteran children’s educator and entertainer Sand Northrup has an unflagging enthusiasm for circus arts. In 1980, Sand ran away to the circus in Quebec City to study juggling, unicycle, acrobatics, clown and mime. She has written and performed solo, duo and troupe shows in French and English across Canada. With a solid reputation as an outstanding teacher, mentor and role model, she currently performs and teaches circus arts in public schools and at circus camps. Sand also collaborates on numerous projects under both the social circus and children festival umbrellas in Alberta and British Columbia. In 2012, she coordinated an award-winning after school circus programme for the City of Burnaby with support from Jumpstart. Sand is Director of the Therapeutic Clown program at BC Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill Centre for Children and since 2004 has worked part time as a therapeutic clown at both institutions.

You are an outstanding performer, teacher and coach and we really enjoyed working with you. We have seen our students grow in their skills and confidence. We hope you come back… each year!”

Grade 2 teaching team, Jennie Elliott Elementary, AB

The kids LOVED it. It was totally engaging, they learned lots, and I loved, loved loved how you talked about growing your mind, and that when learning things get tough, you need to keep going, that things take practise.”

Libby Hart, Principal WL McLeod, Vanderhoof, BC